Dating with Flair & Elegance in a World Largely Heading Rock-Bottom

For those who are attempting to navigate the dating scene with flair and elegance, it can be difficult to stay true to who you are without succumbing to the cheesy moves, and crass-like manners of those brought up on a diet of fast-food TV, and an all-access pass to the derogatory-rife Internet.

… many of whom claim they're "looking for romance."

Although it can be challenging to maintain your elegance, and even more so to find it on the dating scene, there are practical ways of doing so.

By keeping your composure and valuing who you are when looking for a partner, it's possible to have class while still allowing your personality to shine …

This is the Élan way.

When trying to have etiquette when dating, it's important to follow a certain set of classic rules that have proven to stand the test of time. Once you go on a date or two with a new person, it's important to avoid topics of former relationships. Not only can it make for an awkward topic of conversation, but it can also shift the focus to the past instead of staying present and enjoying the potential of romance between you both. Try waiting until you're in a relationship to bring up exes and former flames when you both are willing to get more personal.

While dating, it's also important to avoid drinking too much. Although this will allow you to be outgoing and calm any nerves that you may have, it will also cause you to look sloppy and possibly say something that is inappropriate. Don't be afraid to have a drink or two while dining, but limit your consumption so you can remain polite and composed.

It may be tempting to pick up your phone and let your closest girlfriend hear all of the details of your date, but doing so will cause the other person to feel like a third wheel. Remain polite by turning your phone off and ignoring all incoming calls or texts while out for the evening.

To show your spunk and personality, don't be afraid to ask open-ended questions, which will encourage more conversation and keep things rolling throughout the date. Ask the other person what their childhood was like or any career goals that they may have for the future. Make eye contact, avoid looking around while they talk, and don't be afraid to relate with your own stories or similar interests. You'll know that you've found a potential mate if the other person seems equally interested in who you are as a person and asks their own questions.